Öz Anadolu Kimya Research and Development Laboratory makes quality control of imported chemical raw materials and in house produced end products, provides technical service and suport to clients. Laboratory has a variety range of technological testing equipments, Öz Anadolu Kimya checks and controls prohibited chemicals in compliance with European standards. Being very sensitive in producing ecological products, Öz Anadolu Kimya shows maximum effort to be an environment friendly company. Carries the quality to higher levels with the main principle of being perfect in product & service standards and creates client satisfaction.

  • R&D

    As an expert in the field R&D Department has R&D, APPLICATION and QUALITY ASSURANCE units.

    R&D Department is working for product development and new products activities by focusing to innovation, depending on scientific realities and taking aim at quality standards. Considering everyday increasing demands of the market, R&D Deparment has made the company a leader in new product launching.

  • Application Unit

    Carefully performs the quality control tests of all raw materials and all end products in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Supports R&D Unit for a faster service and response to client demands.

  • Quality Assurance Unit

    Works in close contacts with global ceritification companies like ECOPASS, GOTS. Follows and quickly revises all new quality standards in accordance with the updated data and regulation.